Charlotta Mellander, Visiting Faculty

Charlotta Mellander

Prof. Charlotta Mellander is Professor of Economics at Jönköping International Business School. Her research is focused on the location patterns of creative individuals and firms, as well as the inter-relationship between these actors, and how this in the end shapes regional development. Her publication list includes very diverse set of topics, from creative industries, happiness, community satisfaction, light-emission based estimations of gross regional product globally, to alternative ways of measuring skills. What most, if not all, papers have in common is an attempt to find innovative ways in which we can interpret and understand regional development and performance today and the role of creativity, education and knowledge in this context.

In addition to the journal publications, Dr. Mellander has also co-edited books on creativity and economic development. Professor Mellander has been a publicly active researcher, with more than 100 invited, external speeches, both nationally and internationally, including organizations such as the EU and the UN, as well as companies such as IBM. She holds a visiting faculty position at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, since 2009, where she works together with Professor Richard Florida, the scholar behind the creative class theories, and Dr. Kevin Stolarick. Dr. Mellander has also been a member of the EU Commission’s expert group on cluster policy 2009-2010. Her web page can be found at