Welcome Mr. Trudeau, Cities Will Show You the Way

The members of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet will be tasked with reviving economic growth, fostering innovation and productivity, overcoming inequality and rebuilding a faltering middle class. Cabinet will also oversee the Liberals’ campaign pledge to provide $125-billion over 10 years in new infrastructure money.

Each of those things revolves around one central pivot – the health and well-being of our cities. Along with talent and technological innovation, it is urbanization – dense, diverse cities – that powers innovation and economic growth today. Canadians like to think of their country as one of open spaces, forests and waterways. But it is one of the most urbanized countries in the world. Its five leading metro areas (Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary) produce 50 per cent of its economic output; in comparison, the top five cities in the United States produce just 25 per cent.

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