Davos 2016: Are we ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The theme of this year’s Davos meeting is music to my ears.

More than 40 heads of state and government, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, along with 2,500 leaders from business and civil society, are making the trek to this Swiss town to strategize about how to achieve the promise and avoid the peril of the digital age. And the focus of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, which begins Wednesday, is the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The first industrial revolution was born of the mechanization of production, using water and steam power, and it focused on the railways and steam-powered factories. The second introduced mass production and mass media with the advent of electric power. The third, the digital revolution, saw us using electronics and information technology to automate production and it gave rise to the Internet, the World Wide Web, mobile computing and social media.

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