Closing Time

It has been quite a ride, but after 11 years, the Martin Prosperity Institute will be closing its doors in June 2019. Over a decade ago we set out to make a difference in two distinct realms. First, in the world of city building and geographic advantage. Through his work Richard Florida has changed the way the world thinks and talks about cities, creating a vibrant discussion about maybe our most important level of governance. His work continues to shape and drive the conversation we have about cities, and Toronto in particular. We then deepened and broadened our work six years ago when Roger Martin became the MPI Institute Director. Since then we have explored the underpinnings and fault lines of democratic capitalism. Many of our fears about what might happen have materialized, and Roger is working toward his final piece that will offer remedies to those problems.

Download the full message from our Executive Director, Jamison Steeve (PDF)