by Sofie Joosse and Brian J. Hracs November 2014 Abstract: What is ‘good food’? Is it fair trade, local, organic or ethically produced? With an ever-expanding array of products and ‘qualities’ to consider, consumers in the global North may find it increasingly difficult and time-consuming to make the ‘right’ choices. As a result, a range […]

by Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander September 2014 Introduction: Innovation and creativity have long been the province of cities and urban areas. Adam Smith long ago pointed to the tendency of new innovations and entrepreneurial enterprises to arise in urban areas, where the division of labor was more pronounced and the market was larger. While […]

by Kevin Stolarick Abstract: From at least the 5th century CE, India has been home to institutions of higher education. When India achieved independence in 1947, it had 20 universities and 500 colleges. It now boasts one of the largest higher education systems in the world with over 42,000 institutions of higher learning. This paper […]

by Brian J. Hracs and Doreen Jakob Abstract: With declining entry barriers, digital technologies and global integration, the marketplace for cultural products – including music and craft – has become saturated and highly competitive. Indeed, Apple’s iTunes music store offers over 37 millions songs and Etsy listed over 34 million new cultural products in 2013. […]

by Ana Rita Cruz Abstract Talent is seen as the crucial factor for growth and economic capacity. This is a commonly accepted corollary of the ideas presented by Florida in ‘The Rise of Creative Class’. This article explores the possibilities of a Portuguese ‘sun and sand’ tourism destination, the Algarve, to gain economic dynamism by using tourism resources […]