by Brian J. Hracs and Doreen Jakob Abstract: With declining entry barriers, digital technologies and global integration, the marketplace for cultural products – including music and craft – has become saturated and highly competitive. Indeed, Apple’s iTunes music store offers over 37 millions songs and Etsy listed over 34 million new cultural products in 2013. […]

by Ana Rita Cruz Abstract Talent is seen as the crucial factor for growth and economic capacity. This is a commonly accepted corollary of the ideas presented by Florida in ‘The Rise of Creative Class’. This article explores the possibilities of a Portuguese ‘sun and sand’ tourism destination, the Algarve, to gain economic dynamism by using tourism resources […]

by Charlotta Mellander, Kevin Stolarick, Zara Matheson and José Lobo Abstract: Research has suggested that night-time light (NTL) can be used as a proxy for a number of variables, including urbanization, density, and economic growth. But, just how close is the relationship between NTL and economic activity? This paper uses a combination of correlation analysis […]

by Patrick Adler and Özge Öner Abstract: This study explores the relationship between occupation, gender and the so‐called ”marriage premium”. Previous studies have observed an earnings bonus for married men that is not present for women. This work has considered how much of the premium is causally related to marriage and how much is related to selection effects. The prior […]

by Eberhard von Einem Abstract The paper explores tolerance and its contextual embeddedness in urban and regional social milieus. It is currently not possible to fully explain why regions differ both in direction and dynamics of change over time. Recent research in economic geography – following the Romer-Lucas paradigm – shifted the focus towards investigating the impact of […]