by Natasha Segal; supervised by Kevin Stolarick Abstract Not all women and girls are able to pursue optimal life choices, enjoy a variety of leisure activities, and garner fair and equitable wages for their labor. Women are thus precluded from equitable enjoyment and participation in personal and communal growth, as well as access to the fruits of their […]

Current estimates put India’s urban population at about 31% of the total population. Estimates from the UN’s 2007 State of the World report estimates India’s urban population to be almost 41% by 2030. The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs estimates that over the next forty years, India will add another 497 million to […]

The discussion of public transportation in the City of Toronto has become a never ending debate between different levels of government arguing over which plans and extensions should be enacted. This debate has been especially combative as of late, with numerous plans scrapped, as City council approved the Mayor’s subway extension in Scarborough. This decision […]

New York is one of the world’s quintessential “cool” cities. Its arts and culture, neighbourhoods, and diversity are all world class. Living in New York City is a dream for many ambitious people, who are willing to make large sacrifices to pursue their dream of making it big in finance, the arts, media, or any […]

One year after Bill 33 (Toby’s Act) was passed, a bill that became Ontario law and explicitly outlined transgender people’s rights to equal treatment, transgender communities continue to struggle for inclusivity and equality in society and in the workplace due to deeply entrenched social attitudes and perceived ‘norms’. Although Toby’s Act serves as a giant […]