Startup City Cover_16-Jan-2014_FEATURE

March 31, 2014  High tech startups are taking an urban turn. Manhattan and Brooklyn, downtown San Francisco, and Santa Monica are all becoming tech hubs. This is a new development. While large urban centers have historically been sources of venture capital, the high tech startups they funded were mainly, if not exclusively, located in suburban […]

Executive Summary: This report sheds light on competitiveness and prosperity of India’s 50 most competitive cities. The analysis pursues a creative economy perspective against the backdrop of India’s urbanization and economic transitioning from an agricultural and industrial economy to a creativity- and service-based post-industrial economy. The analysis applies the innovative framework of Creative Capital theory and […]

Who Works Where in Peterborough

Published December 2013. Project Goals: The idea behind this project to develop a matrix for Peterborough that shows which specific occupations are employed in which specific industries and then to compare the matrix for Peterborough with selected benchmark regions. If complete detailed employment data for all residents was available, such a matrix could be easily constructed. […]

So Much More: The Economic Impact of the Toronto Public Library on the City of Toronto

Published December 2013. Overview: The results of Toronto Public Library’s economic impact study clearly demonstrate that Toronto Public Library delivers a strong Return on Investment, through the delivery of library services that enhance Toronto’s competitiveness and prosperity and contribute to a better quality of life for all. This study is the first Canadian public library study to measure […]

Published May 2013. Executive Summary This report measures the Creativity Index which is a combination of regional levels of Technology, Talent, and Tolerance (the 3Ts) that is meant to be a leading indicator or measure of regional potential for the 28 Indian States and 7 Union Territories. The report presents both the component sub-indices of […]