September 2014 Class is more than a socio-economic construct; its divides are inscribed on the geography of cities and metro areas. Just as the rise of the knowledge economy has created a job market that is split between high wage knowledge jobs and lower wage service jobs, middle class neighborhoods have been hollowed out as […]

September 2014 Class is an inescapable presence in America, one that influences almost every aspect of our lives—from our education and employment to our income, our politics, and even our health. Class increasingly divides America’s cities and metros as well. A new report released by the Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) maps the geography of class […]

Design is playing an increasingly vital role in innovation, competitiveness and the determination of economic value. However, assessing the impact of design or isolating the design factor can be a challenge for a number of reasons. Design is an enabling discipline, and designers working with professionals from other disciplines add value to the process and to […]

Greater Miami has dramatically improved its ability to attract venture capital in 2013 over previous years, raking in more $300 million, ranking 16th among all U.S. metro regions. The broader Southern Florida (So-Flo) mega-region that includes not just Miami and its environs but Tampa (with $150 million plus in venture investment) and Orlando ($75 million in […]

High tech startups are taking an urban turn. Manhattan and Brooklyn, downtown San Francisco, and Santa Monica are all becoming tech hubs. Venture capitalists themselves have always been found in large financial centers. But, historically the high tech startups they funded were mainly, if not exclusively, located in suburban “nerdistans” — the sprawling office parks […]