November 10, 2014 Four Appointments for the University of Toronto’s Martin Prosperity Institute Project on Democratic Capitalism. Toronto – Leading thinkers in innovation, business ethics, management and public policy have been appointed to the Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI), which is a research centre at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. The appointments will […]

The Boston Globe – June 2, 2014 When it comes to tech jobs, the suburbs are so last decade. Once the center of gravity for the state’s technology community, the suburbs are now more on the outer rings. In 2013, for example, Burlington, Lexington, and Waltham collectively accounted for just 13 percent of open positions […]

The Toronto Star – June 1, 2014 But are their recommendations getting traction or just creating a lot of noise? Can the city’s growing cavalry of think tanks do a better job at selling what they produce? These are some of the questions that emerge from new research by the University of Toronto’s Martin Prosperity […]

The Guardian – May 30, 2014 Heavy metal has long been associated with downtrodden industrial areas, viewed as the sound of alienated youth with no future. But now a new study suggests that perhaps it is actually more closely associated with economic success.

Rolling Stone – May 29, 2014 If we’re going to play the word association game with “heavy metal,” immediate responses would probably veer towards “dark,” “sad” and “working class.” But according to a new study from City Lab and the Martin Prosperity Institute, one should also consider “wealth” and “high quality of life.”