The New York Times – April 11, 2014 As Richard Florida wrote in The Atlantic last month, “The poor face higher levels of segregation in larger, denser metros.” In affluent cities, he said, “The segregation of poverty is more pronounced,” adding, “The poor also face greater levels of segregation in more advanced, knowledge-based metros.”

South Florida Business Journal – April 1, 2014 Venture capital investments in the three counties of South Florida surged to $300 million in 2013, led by Boca Raton with $120 million. Those figures were announced Monday in a new venture capital report by the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto, and author and […]

In the Capital – April 1, 2014 In an Atlantic Cities article Monday, Richard Florida used great data he compiled with the Martin Prosperity Institute to back his assertion that venture capital is following the urban shift. Young entrepreneurs are moving to dense, walkable and vibrant areas and investors are following them there. Here in D.C., that […]

Tampa Bay Business Journal – March 31, 2014 The report is part of  a broader research initiative, “Startup City: the Urban Shift in Venture Capital and High Technology,” by noted thought leader Richard Florida, who also is director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Toronto institution. In the overall report, Florida finds that the […]

The Toronto Star – March 28, 2014 If you’re producing the same thing as 12 other competitors, guess what happens to the value? “It will be driven down and then your productivity shows as low productivity,” said Martin, who holds the premier’s chair in productivity and competitiveness and serves as academic director at Rotman’s Martin […]