This Month: February


We were so excited to welcome the new year we forgot to update you on what we had in store for January! Now that we’re comfortably into 2017 here’s what we have on tap.

MPI Institute Director, Roger Martin, wrote a thoughtful, insightful piece on the 2016 American election. Pundits and writers have struggled to make sense of what proved to be inaccurate pre-election projections. Roger’s piece assesses the campaign, which he believes was more strategic than it seemed, and how an ‘outsider’ candidate with no political experience upended the electoral map. Look for more from MPI and Roger as this administration and the media coverage of it continues to require a change in how we speak about politics in the U.S. and the world.

Early in February we’ll welcome our MPI Junior Fellow, Lauren Jones, whose work is focused on how government policy can help families and household economics. Lauren will meet with our MPI staff and guests to present some of her work and discuss her research.

We are also pleased to welcome Tom Scott from the Nantucket Project to Toronto this month. MPI is partnering with the Nantucket Project on a special project. In a couple of months we’ll be excited to reveal our collaboration, but for now, be sure to follow along on our social sites.

In January we published our latest report, The Rise of The Urban Creative Class in Southeast Asia, which took an in depth look at the economic transformation of the region, which will continue to grow economically and by population size. We analyzed the intersection of urbanization and the rise of the new creative class in Southeast Asia.

The Cities team has been hard at work helping Richard Florida put the final edits on his latest book, The New Urban Crisis, which is now available for pre-order! The book officially launches on April 11th. MPI will be hosting Richard for the Canadian launch with an event on May 8th, tickets are now available. The event will be a great celebration of many years of hard work on urban issues, culminating in Richard’s 7th book. Richard will be joined on stage by Toronto Mayor, John Tory, University of Toronto President, Meric Gertler, and Rotman Dean, Tiff Macklem.

The I-Think Initiative hasn’t slowed down in these first couple of weeks of 2017. This month they will welcome 120 educators from Ontario and the U.S. for a one-day workshop Essentials for Educators: Integrative Thinking in the Classroom workshop. They will learn the tools of Integrative Thinking and hear from teachers and leaders who have been using them to transform their classrooms and schools to places for creative problem solving. Registration is now open. They’re also kicking-off a program with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board with Department Heads from every high school in the board. Also in Hamilton, I-Think is starting an evening program for those who have been using Integrative Thinking and want to go deeper into the work.

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