This Month: March

Happy March, MPI followers! We’ve got a lot on the calendar, here are some of the upcoming highlights:

In Roger Martin’s latest from Harvard Business Review, he looks at how to improve HR, IT, and Legal Departments – it’s an interesting read even for those who don’t work in traditional business environments. He also spoke about customer loyalty and what drives it, with HBR’s IdeaCast. Roger and friend of MPI, Tim Brown, will join Rotman’s Lifelong Learning event on May 26th, discussing the theory of Intervention Design, and their upcoming work on the subject.

Like most, we’ve been glued to our screens throughout the past couple of months, constantly refreshing the news, seeking more news, seeking commentary, seeking analysis. It seems there’s a never-ending, almost daunting amount of political coverage lately. No one has done a better job of bringing rational clarity to the conversation than political commentator, David Frum. The Canadian-born Frum is a former George W. Bush speechwriter and advisor. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome David back to Toronto for what is sure to be a lively discussion with our Executive Director, Jamison Steeve. Frum will be here on March 20th, tickets are available but going fast! You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Similarly, Richard Florida and the Cities team have been hard at work assessing the geographic impact of the 2016 election and looking to some of the implications of policies proposed in the first month of the new administration. This piece on cities and immigration, as well as the work on affordable housing are worth reading and re-reading.

Richard takes a fuller look at the growth, development, and importance of cities in his latest book, The New Urban Crisis, now available for pre-order, and available in wide-release on April 11th. MPI is honoured to present the Canadian launch of the book on May 8th at Rotman.

Richard also joined us on our most recent podcast episode, in which we discussed the urbanization of Southeast Asia as a corollary to our report, The Rise of the Urban Creative Class in Southeast Asia. Richard chatted with MPI Writer & Content Producer, Ian Gormely; Sarah Soteroff and Philippa French gave reading recommendations.

On a bittersweet note, we will welcome back our former colleague, Vass Bednar, who departed at the end of last year. Vass has been fighting the good fight on behalf of youth employment as the Chair of the government panel; she’ll join us for a casual conversation this month, updating us on the panel’s recommendations and her work.

Please check back often to our site and or social feeds over the next couple of months where you’ll find the most updated information on our reports as well as links to tickets and information on newly scheduled events.

See you in April!