This Month: December

It’s the end of the year! It’s been a great one at MPI, we welcomed some fantastic guests, participated in amazing discussions, wrote, and talked about the policy issues facing us, helped to provide solutions, and contributed to constructive debate. We’re looking forward to the new year, but first, let’s give a nod to our final, busy (but fun) months of 2016.

In November Institute Director, Roger Martin, and Executive Director, Jamison Steeve, travelled to Vienna, Austria for the 8th Global Peter Drucker Forum, this year the theme focused on the Entrepreneurial Society. Roger participated in a panel on the value of entrepreneurship, and another which looked at the key themes and takeaways from 2016, and what we can forecast for 2017. As always, the conference was a great opportunity to meet with and hear from some of the leading management thinkers from around the world. You can catch up with highlights from the forum here. Jamison also attended the Global Innovation Summit in London, England at the end of November where he represented both MPI and ICP as a moderator on a Panel about “The Well City,” discussing how sustainability in cities play an active role in public health, wellbeing and competitiveness.

Richard Florida and his Cities team produced a wealth of analysis following the 2016 US Election, specifically breaking down the electoral maps. More on the election can be found on CityLab, and this is likely to be a topic of interest for many months to come, so please check back with us on our site. In mid-November Richard spoke in Toronto about the legacy of Jane Jacobs for our city, as part of the Jane 100 events; the panel looked at what Jane’s work correctly predicted about the future of Toronto and how we saw these trends play out in the rural/urban divide across North America. Picking up on these themes Richard also participated in U of T’s “What Shapes the City” discussion with the Daniels Faculty of Architecture. This spirited discussion also covered how cities act as hubs for creativity and the creative class, looking at how and if this will change in the coming years. Finally, this month, Richard wrapped filming of his MOOC (massive online open course,) which will be available online in early 2017. On a celebratory note we’re thrilled to announce that Global Cities Research Associate, Greg Spencer welcomed his second child, a healthy baby girl! Congrats, Greg and family!

MPI was honoured to support and attend the NXT City Symposium at the end of November. The aim of the symposium was to bring together prominent voices to discuss public spaces in Toronto and across the world, thinking about how cities are shaped, what role technology will play in connecting global cities, challenges and how to tackle them.

The Rotman I-Think initiative has a busy final month of 2016. They’ll be travelling around the province for the Ministry of Education’s Well-Being Regional Engagements. After collaborating with the Ministry of Education’s team to design the sessions, I-Think will be leading the facilitations. They’ll also be working with a team of students at Ridley College to create school-wide recommendations for academic programs, and will be hosting students from the I-Think Practicum for an evening of reflection on their use of Integrative Thinking tools from this past year.

Coming up before the end of the year we’ll update some important work we’re doing with Zeynep Ton on the Good Jobs Index. Zeynep has been building on her Good Jobs Strategy to help workers and consumers better understand what companies and industries are actively working to improve the quality of the jobs they offer; look for that index before the end of the year on our site. MPI is taking a retrospective look at our 2016 achievements, which you can listen to as part of our final podcast of the year, 2016 in review will also be available in print form on our website.

Wishing you a happy, festive, and fun holiday season. See you in 2017!