The Canadian Urban Institute presents a Roundtable Breakfast Seminar:

Betting on our Future: Is there a Casino Proposal that is Right for Toronto?

Friday, January 25, 2013
7:30- 9:30 a.m.
Metro Hall 

Room 308/309
55 John Street
Toronto, ON

Even before the question of whether Toronto should be open to developing a casino has been settled as a matter of principle, there are competing notions about where such a facility might be located. From the City of Toronto’s perspective, a number of potential locations have been discussed. Is a casino at the foot of the CN Tower just another – albeit major – land use, and therefore not a big deal? Does the magnitude of the entertainment component proposed for that site undermine or complement the viability of the City’s existing cultural assets? Is it reasonable to think that a casino could be successfully integrated into the historical fabric of Exhibition Place? Critics of casinos point to the deadening impact on the streetscape of an activity that thrives behind closed off walls. Others worry about social impacts, which range from concerns about gambling addiction to problems that link gambling with the seamier side of life. Casino supporters point to revenue streams that can flow to cash-strapped governments as an important benefit, but estimates vary widely. OLG presents the City with a beguiling menu of important capital projects that could be funded and operated from casino revenues. What are the merits of locating one or more casinos elsewhere in the GTA? Following a referendum that approved a casino more than a decade ago, Brantford has leveraged casino revenues to invest in post-secondary institutions and other initiatives that have had a positive impact on the city’s downtown. But are there enough customers to go around? Accommodating a casino raises complex questions about city building, urban design as well as economic and social impacts.

Join us to hear from Paul Godfrey, Chairman of OLG, on the factors that will describe the decision-making process for determining where and when a decision on a casino will be made, followed by commentary from an expert panel:

  • Chris Friel, Mayor of Brantford 
  • Lindsay Dale-Harris, MCIP, RPP, partner with Bousfields
  • John Lorinc, Freelance Writer 

Session chaired by Bob Onyschuk, Q.C., Onyschuk Strategic Advisors and Distinguished Associate, Canadian Urban Institute

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