Understanding the New Multi-Stakeholder Models for Global Cooperation, Problem Solving and Governance

The institutions and mechanisms responsible for global cooperation at the international level are having increasing difficulty solving global problems. There is growing urgency to rethink our aging global institutions. Today’s challenges demand solutions that transcend the traditional boundaries of the nation-­state –- solutions that include authentic citizen voices and new initiatives in social innovation that extend beyond communities and nations to the global stage.

The Martin Prosperity Institute is pleased to announce a new, landmark study of global networks for cooperation, problem solving and governance. Through a series of major research projects led by global experts, we will identify and explain key issues, strategies and approaches that can help these new platforms scale and become material on the global scene.

Join institutions, corporations and individuals from around the world in this program to create a series of publications, and ultimately a book authored by contributing members, to explore, explain and illustrate emerging models for policy choices and business investment.

Project Team:

Project Prospectus:

For more information, please download the program prospectus.

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